OBT Closed

18 / 11 / 2020

The OBT period is over, the server is offline until it opens.
Many bugs were found and fixed on the OBT.
A wipe was made on the server, register and download a new client, in the old client that was on the OBT, many files were redone.
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17 / 11 / 2020

Dear players, we made a decision to restart the EventMu server.
Server opening November 21 at 19:00 (UA)
As many of you know, we have been planning to switch to new game files for a long time, completely abandoning the files that we had. As the basis of our relaunched client, a popular foreign project will be used, which has shown its best side in terms of stability and diversity. So the transition to new files allowed us to implement the following things:
1. Improved animation and smoothness of the game.
2. Updated quest system. Now some quests will require you to find a certain thing, kill other players on the server, and much more. Also, each class will have its own rewards for completing the quest. Completing quests will be an important, but not decisive, part of the player's leveling.
3. We were able to abandon some of the old and uninteresting events. In their place, new ones will appear, for example, a full-fledged Battle-Royal, PvP Championship, GvG-Event for guilds, King of Devias Event and much more.
4. Full-fledged raid bosses
5. Increased twice, compared to the previous ML
6. A full-fledged auction has been added to the game. Trading on the server will become an integral part of the game
In addition to the transition to new files, a huge amount of work has been done to improve the server's protection from DDOS and cheats. We have established ourselves as a stable and reliable server and we guarantee you that we will keep these qualities in the future.
Our VK group: Event Muonline

We also have a referral system! Important to read!!!

Currently this is only one server.