Event Mu Online S3E10

Server is returning to gadther thousands of online on epic new project!

Server for everyone!

Easy and fun settings will provide best experience for players from all over world!

Opening 18.January!

Join the opening Event and race for top resets to be first who conquest and defeat top bosses!.


UPDATE X1000 23.02

In order for the updates to take effect, update the client through the launcher (Updating starts automatically after clicking the start button)

* Recycle PVP and PVE of all characters. Defense and attack formulas changed.
* Increased time elf buff and VK
* Cut buff elf
* Redesigned ML made more balanced
* Increased drop to parts for fenrir 40%
* Increased drop on Gem Stone 50%
* ML was redesigned, the number of hp was cut and the VK and DL camp was cut from 9% to 3%
* Mobs and Boss in Ferea are now weaker
* Changed pink options, and now pink options can be done on any thing even without a level
* Removed the level from all things except wings, jewelry and pets
* Fixed reward for 53 quest
* Added button when buying items from donat shop
* Now logs are written to the InfoLog folder in the client

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Congratulations to the Sunrise Guillah on successfully capturing the castle! (x5000)
Congratulations to the BODATe4e guillah on successfully capturing the castle! (x1000)
Donat shops on the x1000 server are also open

The update on the x1000 server will be 02.23 at 16:00 on the server.

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Successful Defense

Congratulations to KingWay Guillah on a successful siege defense!

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Opening x1000 15 February

Basic information :

Opening February 15 19:00 (Kiev)
Donat shops will be open February 22 22:00 (Kiev) From the start, VIP purchases will be available (information on VIPs can be found in your account by selecting the VIP that suits you) and pets from XShop
Server Rates: x1000 DynamicExp x100
Rate Drop: 50%
Server Chronicles: Season 3 Episode 10
Maximum level: 400
Grand reset with 65 resets
Maximum Reset 100
Stats after Grand Reset 0
Maximum Grand Reset: 10
Unique system of Grand Restov 
Stats for Reset: Do not burn
Maximum stats: 32767
Commands: / str, agi, vit, ene, cmd / mlreset /p - post
Top things can be obtained in a game way!
Receive bonuses through voting for the server.
Hidden spots
Server uptime: 24/7
Game process :
Elf Assistant Up to Level 300
Guild creation: 300 lvl
Autoclicker is available from level 10
Auto party
Achivok system
Guild Bank - a guild chest in which you can store things together!
Jewel bank
Quest system with unique rewards.
Spots in all locations of 6-8 monsters with a respawn of 10 seconds!
Unique spots from light to top monsters
Unique Off-Exp system (pumping offline) with a choice of skills and selection!
New Bosses, Cards, Things, Monsters!

Castle Siege:
Every week, the main event takes place on the server - the siege of Castle Siege. The victorious alliance, together with the castle, gains access to the special Land of Trials location.
Timetable :
Sunday. Register to attack the castle.
Monday. Register to attack the castle.
Tuesday. Submission of Sign of Lord stamps by members of registered guilds.
Wednesday. Plain
Thursday. 12:00 - Guild selection for the attack and the announcement of the participants. 19:00 - Preparing for the attack.
Saturday. 20: 00-21 Attack.
 Land of trials:
This is a special place, access to which only the alliance owning the castle has access. This location is a safe area of ​​the alliance. It is replete with a large number of spots and unique bosses.

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