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Skype: eclips345

Dear Players, we have worked a lot on the server and tried to make the gameplay even better.
In order for all updates to work, you need to download a new client from the site.

What has been done?

  • Reworked Arena VIP, added 5 spots
  • Redesigned castle more details here
  • Reworked event King of Devias more details here
  • Added 5th wings more details here
  • Fixed many minor bugs
  • Fixed adding 4 and 5 wings to the chaos machine for sharpening from +10 to +15
  • Moved NPC Reset to coordinates 142x145 and GR 150x145
  • Added one secret spot for 12 mobs
  • Changed x-shop
  • Everything else you can see in the message below
  • Download new client GOOGLE or MEGA
22 / 01 / 2021 Admin More

Dear players, the data is being restored on the server after reinstalling the server, accounts and everything else has been restored.
We are engaged in the restoration of the site and the correction of old errors!


  • Bonus available for beginners, 30 res and 10.000 points
  • Mix for brewing a red and blue dragon, now only blue is made with Ice Dragon Sword, and only red with Fire Dragon Ax.
  • Raised the percentage of enchant Life, Soul and Harmony by 20%
  • Fixed Reset and GR system, now Reset or GR can only be done in Lorencia in the city via NPC
  • Fixed the GR system, now if you do GR not from 100 rests but from 101 and above, after the GR you will start with 0 rests
  • Reworked event King of Devias in more detail here
  • Disabled notification on kill Player vs Player, and Monster vs Player is still running.
  • Fixed teleport from Acheron to Uruk
  • Fixed boss Pharaon, now it will not get stuck in textures, but appear from all Dunes locations
  • Fixed drop of Level stones from Pharaon boss
  • Timer set on site
  • Added pet / mount treatment more details here
  • Included shop on site
  • We have a Discord channel Join
  • Added VIP for 3 days after registration

All changes will take effect after a new client is available on the site, information about the client will appear after the completion of all technical work.

22 / 01 / 2021 Admin More
Currently this is only one server.