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Opening x1000 on March 26 at 20:00 Moscow time
Dear Players !!! We fixed and completed the content of the server as much as possible so that it would be pleasant for you to play at any stage of the game! A lot of work has been done and all the shortcomings have been fixed!

  • Improved boss Erohim
  • The mix in the castle has been rewritten in more detail here
  • Added a new boss to the Alkmaar map more details here
  • Added 2-5 hidden spots of 10-12 monsters for all locations starting from Tarkan
  • The stun of the BK has been cut from 9.02% to 4.02%
  • Changed the drop from the Golden Box more details here
  • Changed the drop from the Silver Box from 50% to 65%
  • Reduced Gold Key drop from 1% to 0.7% (DROP ONLY CASTLE)
  • Added 2 Fire Golem spots to Land of Trial
  • Increased number. monsters in Kalima locations 1-7 from 6 to 8
  • Increased number. monsters at the VIP Arena location from 8 to 9
  • Fixed display of maps on the site in the Ranking section
  • Removed King of Devias event
  • Returned TP to Devias4
  • Fixed some points on the mini map
  • Fixed TP on the Swamp location
  • Fixed TP on the Swamp location for DL ​​and MG
  • Doubled PvP options on top sets (Frost and Awakening)
  • Increased Def. on top sets (Frost and Awakening)
  • Fixed display of Wizardy Dmg on top Staff
  • Discord channel is open
  • Fixed item drop Ants
  • Reworked Dunes map, increased range of 4 spots
  • Fixed OBSORB for horse DL (Now the OBSORB works)
  • Strengthened PVE balance of BC and MG
  • Reworked PVP balance of all characters
  • Added a new boss, Dark Evil, which will drop Epic sets, these are sets by level like Frost and Awakening, only other skins. more details here
  • Added new Epic sets, one set for each character
  • Added new Epic shields and weapons per character
  • Changed skins of 1-2 levels of wings
  • Changed cap skins level 4 and 5
27 / 03 / 2021 Admin More

Dear Players, we have worked a lot on the server and tried to make the gameplay even better.
In order for all updates to work, you need to download a new client from the site.

What has been done?

  • Reworked Arena VIP, added 5 spots
  • Redesigned castle more details here
  • Reworked event King of Devias more details here
  • Added 5th wings more details here
  • Fixed many minor bugs
  • Fixed adding 4 and 5 wings to the chaos machine for sharpening from +10 to +15
  • Moved NPC Reset to coordinates 142x145 and GR 150x145
  • Added one secret spot for 12 mobs
  • Changed x-shop
  • Everything else you can see in the message below
  • Download new client GOOGLE or MEGA
22 / 01 / 2021 Admin More
Currently this is only one server.