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Skype: eclips345
Information About MuOnline Season 3

Basic information

Server Chronicles: Season 3 Episode 10

Server Rates : x1000

Rate Drop : 70%

Maximum level : 400

Reset from level 400

Grand reset with 100 resets

Maximum Reset 200

Stats after a grand reset 15000

Maximum Grand Reset : 30

Maximum stats: 65000

Stats after rest 1000/1100/1150

Top things can be obtained in a game way!

Server uptime: 24/7

Create MG / DL from level 220/250

Voting for the server is available after reaching your character 30 rests

Game process

Elf Assistant Up to Level 400

Two different arenas

Guild Creation: 300 levels

Autoclicker is available from level 50

Auto party

Access system

Quest system with unique rewards

Spots in all locations of 6-8 monsters with a respawn of 10 seconds!

Information of Reset/GR


Resets can be done in two different ways.

1.Through the command: /reset

2.Go to the NPC in Lorencia (136x122) and click on it


GrandResets can be done in two different ways.

1.Through the command: /mreset

2.Go to the NPC in Lorencia (130 * 126) and click on it

For the implementation of the Grand Rest you will receive 15,000 stats and 20,000 WCoin

VIP System

VIP Account
Level Reset: 400
Bonus Exp +30%
Drop Item +20%
Drop Zen +50%
Drop Jewel +20%
Drop Item (Feather and so on) +20%
Sharpening success +10%
Chaos Machin +10%

Information of castle

Castle Siege

Each week, the main event takes place on the server - the siege of Castle Siege. The winning alliance, along with the castle, gains access to the special Land of Trials location.


Sunday. Register to attack the castle.

Monday. Register to attack the castle.

Tuesday. Submission of Sign of Lord stamps by members of registered guilds.

Wednesday. Plain

Thursday. 12:00 - Guild selection for the attack and the announcement of the participants. 19:00 - Preparing for the attack.

Saturday. 20:00-21:00 Attack.

Land of Trials

This is a special place, access to which only the alliance owning the castle has access. This location is a safe area of the alliance. Abundant in a large number of spots and unique bosses.

Currently this is only one server.